Curriculum Information

MD State Home Instruction Regulations

In accordance with Maryland State Department of Education guidance, the FCPS Home Instruction Office does not make specific curriculum recommendations (please see questions 7 & 8 in Home Instruction FAQ).  However, while we cannot recommend specific home school programs or courses to use, we can tell you that many home school families do an internet search to locate online home school curriculum and program information. If you eventually plan to return your student to a FCPS school, you will want to check directly with your child’s future school regarding which home school programs and materials they will readily accept from home school families.

For additional FCPS curriculum information please go to the Academics & Curriculum page, on the website. Home School families often use this site to compare their homeschool curriculum with the FCPS curriculum. This site will also take you to a High School Planning Guide booklet which lists graduation requirements for students currently attending an FCPS school.