Supervision by FCPS Home Instruction(School) Office

On the Home Instruction Notification Form - Part C Program Supervision, a parent must elect OPTION A or B. If you select OPTION A on the notification form, your child’s home school program is reviewed by our office two times per school year.  In each review, a parent provides evidence of materials which demonstrates that regular and thorough instruction is being covered in subjects (Math, English, Science etc.) taught in the public schools to children of the same age. The portfolio includes instructional materials, reading materials, and examples of the student’s writings, worksheets, workbooks, creative materials and tests. Parents may also choose to provide a grade report or transcript from an accredited or unaccredited program/school in lieu of a portfolio. If a parent is using an online program which is not found on the list of MSDE Umbrella Schools, their home school program is to be reviewed by the home instruction office. 

Supervision by MSDE Registered Entity (Umbrella Schools)

On the Home Instruction Notification Form, a parent must select either OPTION A or B. If you select OPTION B on the Home Instruction Notification Form, your child’s home school program must be selected from the Non-public Entities list of MSDE Registered Programs (Umbrella Schools). In this case, your child’s Home Instruction program will be reviewed by the agency you choose. You also must write in the name of the program you selected from the link above on the in the OPTION B section of the Home Instruction Notification Form / Formulario de Notificación de Instrucción en el Hogar.