If you wish for your child to participate in any standardized tests offered at the FCPS public school the child is eligible to attend, school please read the information below taken from the Home Instruction For Students Regulation Number 400-49.

Voluntary Participation in Standardized Testing:

Upon request of a parent or guardian, a child receiving home instruction may participate in the regularly scheduled standardized testing programs that are administered in the public school the child is eligible to attend. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the assigned school of their intention to participate in testing at least two weeks prior to the testing date.

To find your child’s testing school, go to the Frederick County School Finder Website, choose the "School Finder Tool" and enter your home address. Once you have determined your child’s, Testing School, simply contact the school directly to find out what tests are available.

Advanced Placement Tests:

Home Instruction students wanting to take Advanced Placement tests in Frederick County Public Schools need to register at the school where they will test with the school’s AP Coordinator. Tests are approximately $97 each. Please note that not every high school in FCPS offers every exam. For more information about the Advanced Placement program, please visit: https://ap.collegeboard.org/  Contact your child’s school directly for more information.

College Entrance Exams:

FCPS offers opportunities for high school students to take the optional SAT, ACT and PSAT, a preliminary exam. Registration and other college-entrance information are available in high school counseling offices and online. Registration deadlines are typically a month before the test date. Students may use scores on select subtests of the SAT and ACT exams to meet College and Career Readiness requirements. Contact your child’s school directly for more information.


SAT Information: