Grades and Home Instruction

The Home Instruction Office is not authorized to provide grades for Home Instruction students, that is the responsibility of the Home Instruction parent. The State of Maryland provides flexibility for teaching a home instruction/school student. Please see Question 7 in the MSDE FAQ document.

7. Does the local school system or the Maryland State Department of Education provide a required curriculum to use for home instruction? No. A parent or guardian who chooses to provide a home instruction program for his or her child is responsible for selecting the curriculum and/or instructional materials to be used. The home instruction regulation outlines certain aspects of the program that must be present, but also reserves for the parent or guardian a certain amount of flexibility to create a program that meets the needs of the child. 

Thus, you as the home instruction/school teacher, have flexibility in determining the instructional materials, and the grade level you deem most appropriate for your child.