Student Rights and Responsibilities

The following policy governs school system relationships among students, teachers, and administrators.

Basic Philosophy

  1. Students are individuals with rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the due process amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. The school is not a shelter from the law; students must obey local, state, and ­federal laws within the school.
  3. For every right, students should accept a related responsibility.
  4. Constitutional rights do not allow behavior which will create unhealthy or unsafe conditions within the school or disrupt the normal school process.
  5. Authority must exist for rights to be guaranteed. The control and supervision of the classroom rests with the teacher; the control and supervision of the building rests with the principal.
  6. The procedures developed to implement the items in the document will differ among the school communities in Frederick County.
  7. Assuring students their citizenship rights within schools will result in student understanding of the process as well as the content of our democratic society.
  8. A procedure is necessary to assure rights.

The complete list of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The list Student Rights and Responsibilities and other documentation can also be found in the FCPS Calendar Handbook.