Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee Bylaws

The Frederick County Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee works in collaboration with students, families, FCPS staff, and the community to advise the office of special education and the Board of Education. The committee will focus on open and honest communication, improving effectiveness and accountability, advocating for appropriate resources, and identifying individual issues that may often be systemic. The committee will work together to put children first.

Members will be parents of children with disabilities enrolled in FCPS, FCPS staff members serving students with disabilities, high school students with or without disabilities and community members who have special knowledge or interest in the needs of special education students. Maximum member ship will be 28 voting members comprised of 50% parent representation, 25% FCPS representation, 25% community representation and up to 3 non-voting student members.

View the full Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee Bylaws here (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window).