Racial Equity Committee

Regulation 100-09

Racial Equity Committee – This committee will be composed of members of the wider community that encompass many aspects of society. The charge of the Racial Equity Committee will focus on identifying discrimination or harassment, raising awareness of implicit bias, and eliminating or mitigating racial inequity or its effects across the entire school system. The Racial Equity Committee will make recommendations to the Board on aspects related to racial equity and the equity policy within all educational programs of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS).

Upcoming Meetings

NOV 21

Racial Equity Committee Meeting Board Room, COB 191 South East St Frederick, MD For information about the above-listed meeting(s), please see the Board of Education/Agenda...

Racial Equity Committee Vacancies

The Board of Education of Frederick County seeks representatives to serve on its newly forming Racial Equity Committee. The committee’s charge is to make recommendations to the Board that are focused on identifying discrimination or harassment, raising awareness of implicit bias, and eliminating or mitigating racial inequity or its effects across the school system. The committee’s task is to be specifically attuned to early childhood education, school data from elementary, middle and high schools, suspension and discipline data, extracurricular activities, gifted and talented or highly-able learner programs, culturally sensitive and inclusive curriculum and instruction, special education, English learners, hiring, recruitment and retention, and staff professional development.

In accordance with Board Policy 101 and FCPS Regulation 100-09, the Board will appoint up to 15 members from a variety of social, service, and faith-based advocacy organizations including regional representation from students and/or parents/guardians, with an emphasis on diversity to include people of color. The Board may select representation from groups such as students who receive Special Education services, students eligible for free or reduced-price meals, and English learners.

The Board will also appoint three school-based staff representatives. Additionally, to serve in an advisory and support role to the committee, the Superintendent will select three senior staff members whose primary responsibility directly relates to equity and eliminating the achievement gap.

The BOE will accept applications through Monday, September 9, 2019, and will approve and appoint members to the Racial Equity Committee at its regular meeting on Wednesday, September 25.

To Apply:

To apply for a position on the Racial Equity Committee, please submit a letter of application to boe.committees@fcps.org, or submit a hardcopy to:

Board of Education of Frederick County
c/o Lisa Fowler
191 S East St
Frederick, MD 21701

Your application letter should include your name, address, telephone number and email address, and an attached resume. In your letter, answer the following questions:

  1. Explain your desire to participate on this committee.
  2. What experiences do you possess in working with groups to achieve goals partially established by others?
  3. Describe your background or experiences in working to mitigate inequities and the specific skills you would bring to this committee.
  4. What expectations do you have for a committee of this nature?
  5. Explain how you believe this committee will impact Frederick County Public Schools.

For additional information, please contact BOE Executive Assistant Lisa Fowler, 301-696-6917, Lisa.Fowler@fcps.org.