Racial Equity Committee

Racial Equity Committee Bylaws
Regulation 100-09


Racial Equity Committee – This committee will be composed of members of the wider community that encompass many aspects of society. The charge of the Racial Equity Committee will focus on identifying discrimination or harassment, raising awareness of implicit bias, and eliminating or mitigating racial inequity or its effects across the entire school system. The Racial Equity Committee will make recommendations to the Board on aspects related to racial equity and the equity policy within all educational programs of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS).

Racial Equity Committee Members

Nana Acheampong, Community
Ivania Amador, Staff
Elissa Andrade, Community
David Bass, Board Liaison
Jen Bingman, Senior Staff
Sarah Gonzalez Bocinski, Community
Kisha Coa, Community
Andrea Dardello, Community
Charisse Diggins, Community
Jackie Douge, Community
Tia Dowdell, Community
Katie Erickson, School-Based Staff
Jasmine Gulati, Community
Keith Harris, Senior Staff
Sheinita Hawkins, Community
Srina Lacet, Community
Dawn Lynch, School-Based Staff
Marvin Mills, Community
Sabrina Nail, Liaison to the Board
Mark Przybocki, Community
Jenny Ryan, School-Based Staff
Ronald Simmons, Community

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Racial Equity Committee Vacancies

The Racial Equity Committee is not accepting vacancy applications at this time.

Racial Equity Committee Meeting Video

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