By-laws of the Citizens Advisory Council

The Citizens Advisory Council reports directly to the Board and serves as a channel for public concerns, advice and information as identified by the Board. The CAC may: seek ideas from the public to address topics of interest related to the education of students in Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS); gauge public opinion on topics related to public concerns as they see fit in a timely manner; prepare information on topics and issues raised by the Board; research topics related to the education of students in FCPS within the community, including but not limited to, surveying public opinion; and bring information, public opinion and research to the Board during regularly scheduled Board meetings as necessary. The Board liaison will report to the Board during Committee reports at every Board meeting to keep the Board up-to-date on activities of the CAC.

Upcoming Meetings

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Citizens Advisory Council Vacancies

The Citizens Advisory Council is not accepting vacancy applications a this time.