Gifts for Education Committee

The committee was first established by the Board on July 15, 1998 for the exclusive purpose of advising the Board on all matters pertaining to all funds - the Endowment Fund, the Donor Restricted Projects Fund, and Current Initiative Fund. The funds will be operated exclusively within the educational goals of Frederick County Public Schools. Committee recommendations regarding the acceptance and expenditures of funds will be forwarded to the Board for approval. The Committee will promote student learning by:

  • Developing collaborative efforts among the community and FCPS.
  • Matching corporate and community resources to school system or individual school goals and purposes.
  • Promoting development of the Gifts for Education program - all of wh ich enrich FCPS students' learning experiences.

Members are appointed by the Board in the following ratio: one from FCPS administration, one designated by the FCPS superintendent; one from FCPS teachers; one from FCPS students; two from FCPS parents; one from the Foundation; and three from the community at-large.

View the full bylaws of the Gifts for Education Committee here (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window).