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Health Education Overview

The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.04.18.01(A) require that each school system provide comprehensive family life and HIV prevention education to students in schools as part of comprehensive health education. Given the sensitive nature of such programs, the regulations also require each local school system to consult with members of the community in developing, implementing and evaluating the program, using both a system wide citizen advisory committee and local school/community planning groups.

In accordance with COMAR regulations, a system-wide Family Life Education Advisory Committee and individual school planning groups are being employed to ensure that members of the community are consulted about Frederick County Public Schools’ family life education program. This process helps assure that up-to-date, content-accurate, age-appropriate curricula and materials are available for classroom instruction.

The Family Life Advisory Committee:

  • Examines all instructional materials being presented in identifiable unit(s) within the total health education program proposed to be used in the schools. The committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the appropriate curriculum specialists for final action. The school system shall use its existing procedures for evaluating reading levels, factual content, and general suitability of material for different levels of instructions. (COMAR 13.A.04.18.01(D)(2)(c))
  • Consults with the professional educators charged with developing, implementing and  evaluating the family life education materials.
  • Recommendations from this committee shall be submitted to the appropriate curriculum  specialists for final action.
  • Provides input into the development and implementation of grants to support comprehensive family life education, as appropriate.
  • Submits minutes of each meeting to the members of the Board of Education.
  • Submits written reports of decisions to the Board of Education.

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Family Life Advisory Committee Vacancies

The Family Life Advisory Committee is not accepting vacancy applications at this time.