Calendar Committee

Regulation 100-07

The Board of Education (Board) believes that public schools are strengthened when communities are actively engaged in the education process. In support of this belief, the Board is committed to providing advisory committees which allow interested community members to serve and to provide input to the Board in the following areas:

Calendar Committee – Makes recommendations of a school calendar to the Board with the goals of maximizing consistent instructional time for students, opportunities for professional growth for teachers and increasing student achievement.


The members of the Calendar Committee shall be appointed by the Board. Membership of the Calendar Committee shall be limited to no more than 20 members inclusive of a variety of stakeholders such as:

  • PTA Council of Frederick County
  • Frederick County Teachers Association
  • Frederick County Administrative and Supervisory Association
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • Research, Development & Accountability representative
  • Board representative
  • Community members

The Executive Director of Public Affairs shall serve as a staff liaison to the Board and will nominate Calendar Committee members for Board approval.

Upcoming Meetings

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Calendar Committee Members for 2023-24 School Year

Daryl Boffman (Chair), FCPS - Public Affairs
Michael Bunitsky, FCPS Board of Education
Deborah Gilmartin, FCPS - SASA
Kristine Pearl, FCPS CTE Supervisor
Jeremy Brown, FCPS - Teacher - LHS
Ivette Vichot-Taboas, FCPS - Teacher - UES
Missy Dirks, FCTA
Jennifer Sunday, PTA County Council
Arlene Perkins, Community Member
Ellen Fowler, Parent - BHS Feeder
Tekia Crawford, Parent - FHS Feeder
Andrea Baker, Parent - GTJHS Feeder
Jason Miller, Parent - LHS Feeder
Lauri Palmer, Parent - MHS Feeder
Laura Donohoe, Parent - OHS Feeder
Leigh Duong, Parent - THS Feeder, Staff
Dana Barlow, Parent - UHS Feeder
Dana Nardone, Parent - WHS Feeder
McKenzie Mollica, Student - OHS
Michael Olsen, Student - MHS

Calendar Committee Vacancies

The Calendar Committee is not accepting vacancy applications at this time.