Green Valley Elementary School Feasibility Study

photo of Green Valley Elementary School


Holly Nelson
Project Manager

(301) 644-5026


Green Valley Elementary School (ES) is located at 11501 Fingerboard Road, Monrovia, MD 21770. The school serves students in grades K through 5. Located on 31.22 acres, Green Valley ES was originally constructed in 1971 and has had no additions or renovations. The building is approximately 52,000 square feet. The Facility Condition Index (FCI) for Green Valley ES is 30% and is classified as critical. Green Valley ES has a state rated capacity (SRC) of 499 and a September 2020 enrollment of 546 students. The projected September 2021 enrollment is 654 equated students. There are three portable classrooms on site.

FCPS began a feasibility study in December 2020 to determine the best way to modernize and meet capacity needs at Green Valley Elementary. The purpose of the study is to identify school renovation and additional space needs, options for meeting those requirements, and estimated costs for each option. 

Feasibility Study Process

FCPS has engaged Proffitt & Associates to lead the team in the feasibility study. The feasibility study will start in December 2020 and conclude in April 2021. The team will consider the existing building’s physical condition and the building’s ability to provide space for our current educational programs. 

During the feasibility study, staff will work with a consultant to consider several options: 

  • renovate the current building, 
  • renovate and expand the current building, 
  • or replace the current building with a larger new building. 

In April 2021, the Board of Education approved the feasibility study recommendation to replace the Green Valley ES building on a vacant future school site located in the Landsdale development (about 2 miles north of the current site). Design is anticipated to begin in summer 2022.