Limited Renovation Study 2020 – Emmitsburg ES, Lewistown ES, Thurmont ES, Wolfsville ES


FCPS has hired an architectural and engineering consultant team to evaluate the potential limited renovation needs of four elementary schools: Emmitsburg ES, Lewistown ES, Thurmont ES, and Wolfsville ES. The team will assess the physical condition of all building systems as well as conformance to the current FCPS educational specifications. The final report will identify the building systems that need improvement or replacement and potential changes to the existing building to meet the current educational specifications.

Facility and Program Assessment Study Process

The 2020 study is the beginning of FCPS’ new program of limited renovations. Starting in July 2020, the consultant team will spend three months evaluating the four buildings. When the evaluation is complete the consultant will provide a recommended scope of work for each building. The study will be presented to the Board of Education in October 2020.