Urbana Elementary School Modernization

The first step in the modernization of Urbana Elementary is to perform a feasibility study. The purpose of the feasibility study is to provide FCPS with a comprehensive overview and evaluation of the Urbana Elementary School facility, including facility’s modernization needs, the cost of meeting those needs and recommendations for improvement.


Beth Pasierb

The study was completed in October 2014. At its November 19, 2014 meeting, the Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the UES Feasibility Study final report and the steering committee's recommendation to move forward with Option 3A. This option provides a new facility constructed in place of the current Urbana Elementary School while students and staff are temporarily relocated during construction to the forthcoming Sugarloaf Elementary School.

Of the four options presented in the Feasibility Study Report, the approved option presented the lowest cost, shortest construction time, and the least disruption to the UES educational program. Additionally, the Great Heron Wetlands will be preserved.

FCPS received planning approval from the State in FY 2016. The project is scheduled to receive funding from the County to begin design in the Summer 2017. Construction is anticipated to begin the following year and be completed in 2020.

FCPS and the feasibility study steering committee thank the community for their involvement during the feasibility study process. Community input played a valuable role in the development of the feasibility study and the steering committee’s recommendation to the Board.

Read the UES Feasibility Study Report here:

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