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Redistricting Rooted in Caring and Respect – A Message from the Board

Regardless of the school, “As long as your students hold themselves to the highest standard, it is practically impossible for them not to be successful….”

–  Student Member of the Board, Paige Tolbard (FHS, Class of 2019)


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The Board of Education understands a redistricting brings uncertainty and, therefore, stress. However, we have been troubled by some of the comments made at both public meetings and in emails. This process is guided by the Board’s policy, which is based, as are all our policies, on our priorities for students, and rooted in our core belief that all students are entitled equally to respect, opportunity, and excellence at every school in our system.

This means we are committed to providing high quality instruction, and a safe, secure teaching and learning environment at each and every one of our schools. This means that we value each and every student, their families, all of our schools and their communities. This means, that while strengths, challenges, and needs may be different school-to-school and community-to-community, none are more or less valuable, important, or urgent.

As we advance together as Frederick County Residents towards decisions that equitably balance our school system’s priorities, capacity, and needs, we ask that people base their advocacy in what has always made our county special – our care and respect for each other.



The Superintendent’s recommendation for the Linganore-Oakdale-Urbana (LOU) Redistricting Study, including an implementation plan, will be presented to the Board of Education at their September 11th public meeting. The recommendation and staff report will be available on Board Docs after September 6th. See below for a link to Board Docs. Maps showing the Superintendent’s recommendation for attendance boundary changes will also be posted in all schools within the study area.  

BOE Public hearings to receive comments on the Superintendent’s recommendations will be held on Tuesday, September 17 (Urbana HS), Thursday, September 19 (Linganore HS) and Tuesday, September 24 (Oakdale HS). All public hearings are 7-9 PM, with sign-up to speak beginning at 6:30 PM. The Board of Education is scheduled to discuss the recommendation and public comments at their September 25th Board meeting.  

The following documents will be available Friday, September 6:

Interactive Map

The Superintendent's Recommendation is available on the interactive map linked below.

Cropper GIS has prepared an interactive map that allows you to view the data that will be considered during the redistricting study.  Each data set is shown as a layer on the map.  The drop-down menu on the left allows you to turn on and off each layer.  As we compile additional data, additional layers will be added to the map.  If you have questions about how to use the map, please click on the word Help found on the top right corner of the map.

Click here to access the interactive map that includes the Superintendent's Recommendation. You may have to clear your cached images and files from your browsing history to see the new recommended attendance boundaries on the map.

Community Engagement

Throughout the entire project, FCPS will engage the school communities in meaningful activities that invite the parents, staff and community to fully participate in the redistricting process. There will be many opportunities for the community to provide input at key points throughout the study. In addition, at every stage of the redistricting study, staff will provide detailed information and regular updates via public meetings, a project web page, social media and FindOutFirst email. FCPS is committed to giving the stakeholders a voice in the redistricting process.

Regarding Email: FCPS will send all parents in the above-listed schools, whose email addresses are uploaded to FindOutFirst (FOF), all district-level email messages that FCPS publishes about redistricting. [All parent email addresses the schools have on file in each child’s school-maintained eSchool record are automatically uploaded to FOF and updated nightly. Parents not getting FOF notices should make sure the school has their preferred email address on file in each of their children's eSchool records.]  In addition all staff with work locations uploaded via PeopleSoft to their Employee News accounts indicating a relationship with a school in the redistricting study area will automatically receive the same messages. The only people who need to add the FOF Boundary Changes news group subscription to their FOF accounts to get redistricting notices are community members signing up for FOF on their own and those without school-specified relationships to the schools in the study. Community members may sign up for the FOF email Boundary Changes news group at Subscribers without relationships to schools in the study may log in to select the FOF Boundary Changes news group.

See additional information about specific meetings and resources on the Linganore-Oakdale-Urbana Area Redistricting Study Meeting Information page.

Sign language or English language interpreting can be provided by contacting Karen King at least 10 business days in advance of each meeting at 301-644-5025 or at